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Borderlands Blog
Questions, Comments, & Discussion on the El Paso/Juarez Border History & Culture
Dr. Michael Schuster 
5th-Feb-2008 01:44 pm
Rachel, webweaver
I am having trouble finding info on Dr. Michael Schuster. I know i posted earlier on a different topict, but this is my final topic that I am intrested in. I know he was one the founders of Providence Hospital. If you can assist me finding info on Dr. Michael Schuster. Thanks, Armando Garcia plur915@hotmail.com

Hi Armando -- the best place to start is with Password articles:  

  • Schuster, Dr. Michael Phillip: iii, 152; viii, 123
  • Schuster, Dr. Michael: 42, 108
  • Schuster, Eugenia M. (Mrs. Michael Phillip): viii, 119, 123, 124, 125; ix, 126; x, 127; xii, 101; xiii, 111; xiv, 99 

    If you also search the EP historical society archives, you'll see several photos of him, and also that he was a physician during the mexican revolution.  http://www.elpasohistory.com/search2.html

    Call the Border Heritage Center (public library downtown)  543-5440  and ask if there's a vertical file on him.  While you're there, check the newspaper card catalog index. 

    In helping someone with this last semester, I believe there is an oral history interview on a daughter/son of his...but the oral history institute's database appears to be still unavailable.  They have a large amount of interviews on Border Health, and if you call the Special Collections Dept at UTEP Library, 747-5697, they can perhaps tell you if there is one that refers to Dr. Michael Schuster.  

    In this biography of General Huerta -- Huerta, a political portrait.  (whom Dr. Schuster operated on) there is mention of the dr.  on page 228.  it is in the main library reference southwest collection at 972.0810924 HUE  or at UTEP in special collections. 

    You'll also want to research Providence Hospital, to provide some background and additional information on the doctgor.  Photo of first Providence Hospital  can be seen on this page 

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